AirCam Training

AirCam Tailwheel Training

We have an AirCam on Alaskan Bushwheels available for checkouts and transition training. Get off to a great start with the proper transition training! Learn the best techniques and procedures with our factory trained instructor.
We also offer refresher training for AirCam pilots wishing to brush up on the safest way to fly an AirCam including our low-level flying techniques.
The AirCam Transition training courses are offered on the basis that proper transition training is an essential first step toward safe operation of an experimental aircraft and a key element in the continuing effort to improve aviation safety. The Experimental Aircraft Association, as well as the FAA and NTSB, strongly recommend that all builders and new owners of experimental aircraft undertake a thorough transition training program before flying their own aircraft. AirCam Transition training is available to non AirCam owners. No initial ratings or endorsements are available with this training.
The cost of the standard transition training syllabus including 5 hours of flight training and associated ground training is $2000.00 over two days. Additional flight training may be purchased for $400.00/hour (dual only).

We Offer Flight Training And Practical Test For The Airplane Multiengine Seaplane Rating In The Lockwood AirCam Experimental Aircraft.

Mitch Pennington has the experience to train those who want to learn how to fly the AirCam on Amphibious Floats.

In addition, as a Designated Pilot Examiner Mitch is authorized to provide the Practical Test for both Private and Commercial Multiengine Seaplane Ratings in the AirCam Amphibious Multiengine Airplane.



Call us today at 304-703-5898 or 304-703-5878 to learn more and book your training session or Multi-Engine Seaplane Practical Test. For more information go to