Airplane Adventures

Share the adventure of flying high with our sightseeing tours of wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Rise above the limits of roads and trails! Experience a vision beyond the horizon with an eagle’s view of the Potomac Highlands, the best way to see wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Mitch Pennington is a highly experienced pilot with a passion for aviation and a love for the West Virginian countryside and wilderness that encompasses the surrounding area of Just Plane Adventures Lodging and Campground. Come aboard our Comanche aircraft and take off from our airstrip into the skies to take a flight seeing tour of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Whether you’re staying in one of our cabin rentals or passing through the area, our Airplane Adventure services are a great and fun way to explore the Potomac Highlands from a bird’s-eye view without being restricted to the ground. Aviation services are by appointment only, so book your spot today by calling us at 304-703-5898 or 304-703-5878. We look forward to sharing the adventure of flight with you!